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Upgrade your brand image by

honing your staff's business-writing skills.

I challenge you to spend a few hours reading what your employees write and send out to customers in the course of a typical day. You might be shocked to see how poorly their writing reflects on your company's professional image. You're likely to find grammar mistakes, misspellings, rambling text, incomplete sentences, and language that's either too casual for business or too stiff and bureaucratic to match your friendly brand voice.

You may also discover that while some of your employees are dashing off letters and emails without properly proofing them, others are wasting inordinant amounts of time fine-tuning documents because they lack confidence in their skills.

Schedule a business writing workshop.


Watch writing effectiveness and productivity improve in just a few hours of instruction. Help your team members improve the quality, brevity, tone, and impact of their  written communications, organize their thoughts, and improve customer relationships.

1. One-hour brown-bag lunch presentations. A series of three or four are recommended with writing assignments as homework to be discussed at the next session. $350 minimum per one-hour session for 10 employees or fewer. $35 per person additional. Ask for a three-session outline.

2. One-on-one tutoring sessions with key employees needing skill-building help. $75/hour.

3. Company retreat presentations offering customized lesson plans tailored to your business needs.


4. Marketing writing workshops presenting the basics of writing pursuasive email campaigns, web copy, blog posts, proposals, and more.



Comprehensive marketing services are also available.

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