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Karla Jacobs, Creative Director/Writer

Before you choose someone to work on your project, you want to know you’re hiring the real deal. Say, someone that Microsoft, Wells Fargo, and Nestlé have used and come back to time and time again. Someone who’s been working steadily in a variety of industries with a fresh voice and a stellar reputation. That’s reasonable.

You want to be sure your creative lead isn’t a flake. So it would be great if she has an ironclad history of always meeting deadlines and always over-delivering. And in an ideal world, you’d like to know she is a team player who knows how to jump in and instantly make your life easier. Someone you could start counting on, long-term, as a trusted consultant.

What if this person consistently goes beyond writing—beyond the call of duty—to add value to your business in other areas? Like generating fresh promotional ideas or teaching your staff to be better writers or suggesting fresh blog topics? Someone with far-reaching contacts who could actually hook you up with other great people and companies. That would be a bonus, but for right now, you just need to get your project done, right?

So given a choice of two writers—one with five years of experience who knows grammar and punctuation and another who’s been a creative director, marketing manager, and has 30 years of experience and hundreds of connections—which one would you choose?


Need a team?

When you need additional creative services, like art direction, illustration, animation, photography, website development, or project managenement, we'll put together a dream team, hand-picked for your project.

We get up to speed fast, ask the right questions, deliver arresting, appropriate, breakthrough ideas, and then execute them to the highest levels of professionalism. Whether it's a small "try us" project, a major campaign, or ongoing services as your dedicated creative team, we'll go to extremes to make sure we're exceeding your expectations.

Our standards are higher than most, having cut our teeth working for some of the world's most exacting agencies and some of the biggest bad-boy clients—like Microsoft, Wells Fargo, McGraw-Hill, Nestlé, DHL, NetApp, AAA Insurance, Cisco, Kaiser Permanente, and the like. So you get top-notch creative minds working at the highest industry standards at boutique prices.

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